About Hudson Valley Home Inspection

Edward Abboud, proprietor of Hudson Valley Home Inspections, LLC
Edward Abboud, proprietor of Hudson Valley Home Inspections, LLC

My name is Edward Abboud, owner of Hudson Valley Home Inspection.

I have been in building and property maintenance since the year 2000.

I focus on fixing small problems before they become more serious and costly issues.

I perform a thorough inspection, taking as much time as needed to thoroughly inspect the home.

When the inspection is completed, I will sit down with you and explain the issues (if any) regarding the property I have inspected.

Answering your questions is important to me because it’s my business and I value every opportunity to serve you.

I will make sure you are aware of the issues, if any, which exist with your new home, or the home you are considering selling.

Real Estate agents know the value of a thorough, unbiased home inspection.  If the home I inspect is in good condition, needing only a few repairs, then that is what I will report.  If the home needs major repairs, like a new roof, foundation repairs or electrical upgrades, then that’s what I will tell you. I have been thanked many times by clients after pointing out costly repair requirements.

If inspection issues compel you to look for a different home, you will receive a $100 discount off the regular inspection price on the next home you consider.

Hudson Valley Home Inspection LLC is proud to be part of the professional team helping you with your new home purchase!  We are happy to put our knowledge and skill to work for you.

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